Friday, February 13, 2009

k-drama : Which star Are you from?

Baru habis tgk 1 dvd..ada 3 lagi menunggu..utk 1st DVD tu bagi aku citer ni best..ada lucu ada sedih ada romantik.. lagu pun sedap ala2 OST dlm cite My Girl dgn Full House.. mmg lama dah beli cita nie.. setahun lebih dah tersimpan kat rak tu.. mula2 malas nak tgk lagi sbb covernya nampak mcm boring.. tapi disebabkan minat kat 2nd hero Iljimae tu, Park Shi Hoo..tu yang buat semangat nak start bukak cita nie.. bak kata org dont judge the book by its cover... mmg best rupe nye.. so weekend nnt leh la habiskan masa free sambung cite.. hehe

Sueng Hui (Kim Rae Won) is a director who was deeply in love with Hae Soo
(Jung Ryu Won). Even though her family was opposed to Sueng Hui, Hae Soo still
wanted to marry Sueng Hui. As he is proposing marriage to her in the car, they
end up getting into a car accident resulting in Hae Soo’s death. The drama takes
place 3 years after Hae Soo has passed away. Even after three years, Seung Hui’s
cannot seem to forget Hae Soo nor put his life back into order. Determined to
forget Hae Soo, Sueng Hui takes a trip into the the rural areas of Korea. There,
after declaring that he is going to move on with his life and forget about his
girlfriend, he goes into town where he sees a girl (Bok Shil) that looks just
like his past girlfriend. The resemblence is so startling that he can’t help but
stare at her and ends up following her. They eventually end up spending a few
days together but after parting, end up meeting again when Bok Shil comes to
Seoul and ends up working with Sueng Hui.
It is later revealed that Bok Shil is actually Hae Rim, Hae Soo’s youger sister that was lost in a fire. Additionally, a close male family friend was secretly in love with Bok Shil’s older sister and seems to be attracted to Bok Shil as well.

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