Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Breastpump Review : Part 2

ada tambahan skit drp post yang lepas..

thanks kat sorang kawan yang sudi berikan komen & tambahan.. nie ada 1 lgi brand yang boleh dipertimbangkan utk beli.. kalau ikutkan comparison nie pun Ameda melebihi yang lain iatu 5 bintang..tapi kalau boleh nak tanya sapa2 yg pernah guna/beli jenis Ameda nie..sbb kalau ikutkan perbezaan harga tak jauh beza dgn yang aku nak beli.. bezanya yang ini dual pump.. sedangkan yang aku nak beli tu single pump.. mesti la lg untung beli dual pump..

AMEDA: Lactaline Personal Breastpump

The world's smallest electric interval double breast pump for ultimate mobility. Easy to handle, small, quiet and efficient - the favorite breast pump for private use.

Features and Benefits :

  • The vacuum and cycle can be adjusted separately and continuously to meet the specific needs and requirements of the mother
  • The baby's natural sucking rhythm can thus be imitated perfectly
  • Diaphragm-Technology
  • The hygiene double pump kit included in the package reduces pumping time by 50%
  • Compatible with any Ameda pump set
  • User-friendly accessories
  • Easy to use, low-maintenance and low-noise
  • Recommended by midwives, breastfeeding consultants and mothers


  • Maternity Unit
  • At Home

Technical Information:

  • Cycle range: 30-60 cycles/minute, adjustable
  • Vacuum range (suction capacity): 0-330mbar,adjustable
  • Meets highest hygiene standards
  • Can also be battery operated - 6AA Alkaline Batteries
    (Batteries are not included
  • Include of 1 power adaptor for Local Use.
  • Milk collection system with integrated and patented silicone diaphragm that creates a barrier protecting pump and breast milk from potential viruses and bacteria (FDA approved)
sumber drp website ini

8 comments on "Breastpump Review : Part 2"

Ealyie on 11:42 AM said...

ely tak penah guna tapi my fren intan guna this pump. nanti ely suh dia review k.

puterikiut on 11:56 AM said...

hi Ealyie,
ok no problem..

sayangibu on 12:05 PM said...

hi.. saya laaa intan..kawan ely tu..hehee..saya mmg guna pam ameda..mmg puas hati. sbb harganya yg affordable. pastu double pump. ermm..ada buat review sendiri kat my blog. buka link ni ye...

kalo nak tanya psl pam nih, ym lah..add

puterikiut on 12:17 PM said...

hi intan, thanks ye sbb sudi bg review.. satgi kite singgah blog awak.. btw kite dah add awak kat ym..

Ealyie on 12:50 PM said...

hahaha.. nak la add jugak..
tak malu..ekekeke..

puterikiut on 1:40 PM said...

boleh.. nnt kita add kan.. btw selalu2 la singgah umah kite nie ek.. salam kenal..

Farra on 4:44 PM said...

welcome sis..i trigger u to post entry bout this..good jugak la at least we explore kan..i mmg dah jatuh hati kot kat ameda

puterikiut on 4:59 PM said...

thanks to farra jugak sbb sudi share idea psl ameda nie..



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